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All across the globe religion is more of a problem them somethng of goodness… The Taliban of the Middle East, the American christian Taliban in the U. The divider was a simple metal barrier, not even waist high. They were not standing separately in groups by gender, but each person alone standing along the Wall.

There was no mechitzah, and no indication that this was a place where men and women needed to be separate. Keeping women separate is a way to control them and is wrong I do not care what religion it is. The Catholic system of not allowing women as priests is wrong. Making women where a burka or anything is wrong. When are all of you zealots going to stop controlling women.

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Women are as equal if not better that men……They may not be as physically strong as men but mentally they are. Allow women to be as great as men. It is the only way to change our world for the better!

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Women are co-creators with G-d. It is like looking at the garb of men who dress like the gentry of 16th century Poland as though Moses received such garb on Sinai and came down dressed like a 16th century Polish gentleman.


So those zealots prevented me from davening when I visited the Kotel. If praying at the Kotel was that important to you, I think you could have parted from your wife for 1 hour. You kept yourself from davening at the Kotel, no one else. Why do the women want to daven next to the men anyway? According to conventional wisdom, men are obsolete, sexist, selfish and yucky. Davening next to or among men is probably like davening in a pigsty.

Women in Israel: "Women of the Wall"

I think it would be helpful if Mr. Horowitz could clarify two questions that other respondents have raised: 1 were there ever formal minyanim at the kotel before ; 2 if so, were these minyanim conducted without a strict separation of the sexes? My understanding is that women never prayed collectively at the Wall. They certainly did not publicly read the Torah or wear tallit and tefillin.

Were there minyanim at the Kotel in Ottoman times? As far as I can tell, the Jews — men and women — were reciting Tehillim but not engaged in formal prayer quora.

As such, there is no real halachic reason to have them separate. After all, today, women and men can visit Kotel HaKatan since there are no daily minyanim there alas and no one would bat an eye. To draw an analogy between informal Tehillim recital in Ottoman times and minyanim today seems to be comparing apples and oranges. Businesses emanating noxious odors were opened next to Jewish and Christian holy sites.

Mosques were built with looming minarets over other houses of worship, and churches and Jewish holy sites could be decreed mosques. It was forbidden by Ottoman Law. I read somewhere else the laws also forbade making loud noises i. These rules were continued during the British Mandate time too. At the same time, shuls in Jerusalem did have mechizas. Thus in my opinion, if Jews were allowed to construct a mechiza during the Ottoman rule, they would have,.

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Jordan Anderson says:. Jonathan D. Sarna says:. Elliott Horowitz says:. Yehuda says:. Elon says:. Marty Susman says:. It came down on November The photo of the pair — aged 15 when it was taken — has been on display at a museum in Johannisthal, Berlin. Many have wondered what the young women discussed at the wall and how their lives developed after parting. Authorities launched an appeal last year to find the "Wall Girls" and the pair were quickly found.

Women of the Wall

Badaczewski escaped from the east with her mother on August 19, , and stayed with Meyer's family for a night. After she left, the friends did not meet until their reunion some 58 years later. Badaczewski moved to Giessen, Kriemhild to Switzerland. The anniversary of the wall's construction was commemorated in Germany on Tuesday August 13 at a former border point. CDU conservative leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer spoke at the event, describing the events as "a reality which we must never forget and which forces us to do one thing, not to allow something like this to ever happen again here in Germany, in Europe and the world".