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So, one translation translates the Hebrew word as victory; the other one translates it as salvation. In the Septuagint, which is the main Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek, done by Jews, not by Christians, the text says the Lord takes pleasure in his people, he shows his good favor on his people, hoti eudokei kurios en lao autou , and then it says in Greek, kai praies en soteria , which translated literally would be, and will exalt the meek with or in soteria, in salvation.

His name is “God with you”! |

So it uses the term, at least in the English translation, would be salvation. So you have this, these words, savior, salvation, and to save everywhere. But what we want to see now is a very simple thing. We want to point out that Jesus is the Savior, and he is the only Savior. There is no other Savior. There is no other person who saves us. There is no other action besides his incarnation, his ministry, his passion, his death, his resurrection, and glorification. Nothing else can save us. Nothing else. We are not saved. He is the only one.

He is the unique one. His very name Jesus, Yeshua, means God saves. And by the way, the term Hosanna, which you have in the Bible a lot, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna.

Alpha & Omega

It means God saves, God save now. God is doing his saving activity. So the confession of Jesus as the Savior, and here he mentions also even that use of the symbol of the fish for Christianity because the spelling of the word fish in Greek is ichthus , and the I is Iesous Christos huios theou and then the last is soter , Savior. Jesus Christ the son of God, the Savior. Jesus Christ, the son of God, the Lord. And only the Lord saves. Only God saves.

Now, what you see in the Bible, which is very important is the very clear teaching, only God saves, and only Jesus saves. He is everything that God is. He has everything that God has, and he has and is all these things in his humanity. The man Jesus has all these things. And that the man Jesus does all the things that only God can do, and that all the prerogatives that belong to God alone are his. So God is the Savior, and he is the Savior, and both are true. And you can nuance it a little bit more by saying, God does everything that he does through and by and in and even for his Son, his eternal Son and Word who becomes the man Jesus.

So all things are done by God, by Jesus. God creates through Jesus. God redeems through Jesus. God saves through Jesus. So we can say that Jesus is the one by whom all things were created, all things were made, so Jesus is our Maker.

How did we end up calling him Jesus?

In Greek, they call it demiurgos , he is the agent of all divine actions. So, when God who alone can save, saves the world, he does it the only way that God does everything, and we might even dare to say the only way that God can do everything and that is by way of his Son. His image, his logos, his word, his davar. It means a thing. So the agent of all divine activities is the second person of the Trinity. He is the Son himself.

So, we confess God is the Lord, and has revealed himself to us.

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We say God is the Savior. There is no other Savior but God. And there is no other salvation that God affects except by in and through his Son who is begotten of the Father before all ages, and born on earth from Mary, the virgin, Jesus of Nazareth, named Jesus because he is the Savior. We know that he is. Definitely, we know that he is.

Names of God

What does it mean that he saves us? We know that he does. We confess that he does.

What is this salvation? What is the content of it? What makes salvation, salvation? What is it? And here, I would like to try to convey at least my understanding of this by something that happened when I was a seminarian. When I was a seminary student, young fellow, I was sitting in a class of dogmatic theology with my beloved professor, Professor Serge S. He was a Russian layman professor.

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  • Theology was his entire life. He was a provost of St. Vladimir Seminary, and I was his kind of hand-picked disciple. In fact, my vocation is kind of, I think to be kind of a loud speaker, perhaps even through Ancient Faith Radio, for the teachings of Professor Verhovskoy, and also the teachings of Father John Meyendorff and Father Alexander Schmemann, and Dr. Nicholas Arseniev, and Dr. Veselin Kesich, and all of my teachers. What is it, how do you understand it?

    Your Name Is Glorious

    How does it work? But before I got to the point where I was doing that with this man, and I did it virtually until he died, at least once a week, and I thank God for him with all my heart and soul. My dears, and being a Russian, whenever he wanted to affirm something, his voice would go down. When we speak English, when we want to affirm something, our voice goes up.

    When you speak Russian, your voice goes down. So he would say, my dears, we must, we must, he used to say, avoid, this abominable preoccupation with salvation. My dears, we must avoid an abominable preoccupation with salvation. Well, that blew me away, and you know, spiritually speaking, symbolically speaking, after I fell off my chair and got up again, I raised my hand, and I said professor, why can you say such a thing?

    But what I would like to say is this.

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    There are many Christians who are hardly interested in God at all. Translated, meaning: how to get to go to heaven when you die. Because a lot of Christians think of salvation meaning, are you saved means: do you get to go to heaven?

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    • And so, Christians will go around saying, are you saved? Do you need to believe? Do you need only to believe? Do you need to do works too?