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Radio-Isotopes production: production of medical and industrial radioisotopes. My inspiration to play and doodle on pebbles came in , when I went up the mountains in India for a vacation. The pebbles by the riverside seemed to speak with me.

I picked a few and brought them home with me. We soon became friends when they met my pens and paints.

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They are all curved. Yet each pebble is different. I create my friends keeping their character in mind. Some have an edgy nose, or a big head.

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Some come with a ingrained smirk or a smile. Most times their natural curves and subtle lines guide me on what they want to be with my hands, paints and inks.

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It challenges me and pushes me to see things in a different way. Panel 4 Meet me and the Pebble People in our studio. My art collection is a mix of objects, characters and offbeat perspectives.