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Petersburg Museum of History, and he received the keys to the cities of Lakeland and St. Petersburg, Florida. Rogers lived in St. Petersburg after the war and opened his own business — Rogers Radio Sales and Services. He was born in Apalachicola, Florida, in Rest in peace, our friend — St.

The U. The Tuskegee Airmen would turn out to be one of the most successful fighter units in U. No other group can claim that achievement. I went through quite a tough time but I viewed it as an obstacle to overcome. When I could not get my teaching post in Singapore, I went to the United Kingdom to be a barrister at the age of So don't tell me there isn't a time to learn. That was actually the good part of the war," added Ms Pereira.

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It is a cold hard fact to confront but within the next two decades, there will be very few survivors of the Japanese Occupation around to tell the incredible personal stories that can seem straight out of a movie. My first impression of Mrs Helen Joseph, 88, was that she is a very sweet lady who constantly has a smile on her face.

Her home has a grand clock that rings a soothing chime every 15 minutes - a chime that sticks with me even till today. I thought, "How could someone as nice as her go through something as terrible as the war? Mrs Helen Joseph, 88, was just 12 when the Japanese Occupation began. One by one, the men fell into the hole. One pretended that he was dead and waited till it was all quiet and then he ran away to tell everybody of the massacre.

My neighbour never saw her husband again. It was known that the Japanese military committed numerous atrocities against civilians, especially the Chinese. During the Japanese Occupation, they introduced the system of "Sook Ching", which means "purge through purification" to get rid of civilians deemed to be anti-Japanese. The massacre is believed to have claimed the lives of around 20, ethnic Chinese in Singapore.

Yet even during times of hardship, Mrs Joseph remembers the true communal spirit with many of her neighbours. We had to queue up for food rations at 3am in the morning. Even so, when it came to our turn, the food would have run out and the person in charge would tell us to go away. Thankfully neighbours who had queued earlier would also share what they had with us.

Feisty and seemingly fearless, Mrs Joseph also harboured secrets of the Japanese Occupation. The British soldiers were so skinny, all ribs. My sister and I would secretly pack some bread given by the Japanese into a bundle and leave them near the barbed wire fences and shout "Johnny, Johnny! I arrived earlier than the rest of the crew at Mr William Gwee's place in Lothian Terrace near Siglap and saw him reversing his car into the front porch of his house.

At the age of 82, Mr Gwee is still actively driving, though he murmured to me that young drivers nowadays are reckless.

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The gate of the house has a beautiful flower structure that grows above it, making it look like a Tim Burton film set. Students and researchers of Peranakan and Straits Chinese studies will no doubt be familiar with Mr Gwee, a fifth-generation Singapore Baba.

Mr Gwee and his son, Andy, are prolific collectors and this was evident as soon as I stepped into the house. Mr Gwee probably has the largest collection of Baba Malay books in the world, and also collects memorabilia and artifacts pertaining to WWII, medicine and porcelain. Mr William Gwee, 82, then eight years old, was about to start Primary 2 at his school when the war started. Mr Gwee showed me into his study, which was indeed a treasure trove of the past, including hundreds of folders of newspaper cuttings, documents and letters, all purposefully organised by themes and topics.

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