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I divide my time between an organic farm in Italy and my residence in the USA. My admiration of and fascination with the genius of DaVinci and even though he invented many things he also was an influence on the healthiness of the Mediterranean Diet. His love for simplicity heavily influenced and still influences the Mediterranean Diet. The Basic Art of Italian Cooking is now a best selling book series all over the world and has 3 editions, this is the third in the series.

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati tm is a trademarked method of cooking now and even though my books are more like recipe novels they contain stories and recipes, the title explains the true philosophy of artisan Italian cooking-it is a true art.

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What obstacles did you encounter in getting this book published? How did you overcome them? I have been writing all my life, being an avid reader, writing came naturally But now it has become more of a cathartic experience that takes me through all my life experiences-happy and sad ones. However, food has always been a comfort to me in my life and cooking always evokes memories of family and friends together and something I am comfortable with so combining writing with food is such a wonderful recipe for me! He had an affinity for angels. The divide between the two is technical as well as imaginative: Leonardo used oil paint, not old-fashioned egg-based tempera, and applied it in multiple thin layers, each a luminescent veil, so that his angel appears to be modelled in light.

He does not seem to have been conventionally ambitious: he stayed with Verrocchio for roughly a decade, far longer than the usual term, both working and living with the Master. Although they were crudely overpainted sometime later, one can make them out, short and strong: real wings to give fantasy flight. He was still living with Verrocchio when he was charged with sodomy in As soon as he was cleared, he left town for a year, to work on a project in Pistoia. Some have speculated that the charges caused a break with his father—who, by now remarried, went on to have several legitimate sons.

Botticelli, Perugino, and Ghirlandaio were among those who made the cut and were hired to paint the walls of the newly built Sistine Chapel. But there were other possible reasons for the omission. Leonardo had never painted in fresco, the durable technique favored for wall paintings. And he was already known for leaving things unfinished. Indeed, by , he had abandoned two important commissions and departed for Milan. He was thirty years old, and had accomplished little. In a long and detailed letter that reads like a job application, he offered his services to the local ruler, Ludovico Sforza, as a military engineer.

As a seeming afterthought, he mentioned that he could also paint. A chariot fitted with enormous whirling blades, slicing men in half or cutting off their legs, leaving pieces scattered; guns with multiple barrels arranged like organ pipes to increase the speed and intensity of firing; a colossal missile-launching crossbow. Leonardo made many such frightening drawings while in the employ of Ludovico, who gained the title of Duke of Milan only after poisoning his nephew, some years later, but who effectively served in that role throughout the seventeen years that Leonardo spent in the city.

He had never demonstrated any military skills before, and his intention in these drawings remains a matter of dispute. Was he an unworldly visionary or a conscienceless inventor? This argument blurs the question of intent, but suggests the complexities involved in making any moral judgments about the man. It was a new life in Milan, which is perhaps just what Leonardo wanted. This sort of work, however, was ephemeral, and has left almost nothing behind, to the immense regret of art historians, who have often fretted that he was wasting his time.

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Yet Leonardo appears to have been content. The hedonistic court life suited him: he became something of a dandy, dressing in pinks and purples, satins and velvets, his hands scented with lavender. He enjoyed the company of colleagues in widespread disciplines, from architecture to mathematics.

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Even the damp Lombard weather seems to have suited him; its blue-gray mists, so different from Tuscan sunlight, become the weather of his paintings. And it was in Milan that he began to keep notebooks. Kenneth Clark, whose book on Leonardo, written in the nineteen-thirties, remains indispensable, observes that the range of his activities led him to write down his ideas, in his strange right-to-left script, and to annotate his drawings, beginning with simple pieces of machinery and ending with the world. Gian Giacomo Caprotti was ten years old when he entered the workshop, the previous year.

A poor boy of extraordinary beauty, he was brought in as a servant, probably also as a model, and to be trained as a painter—he later had a modest career—and stayed for twenty-eight years. If he does not entirely impress us, though, he continued to impress Leonardo, whose most touching portrait shows the maturing man sketched lightly, almost absentmindedly, around a drawing of the human heart. It was while he was making notes on the flight patterns of birds, and particularly the fork-tailed red kite, that he was reminded of an early experience, and wrote the only passage about his childhood in the notebooks.

Disregarded until Freud wrote a small book about it, in , the passage still commands attention. Isaacson is almost refreshing in his sweeping rejection not only of Freud but of any attempt to psychoanalyze a man who lived five hundred years ago although he occasionally bends his own rule.

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style Dinner.

Whether or not this is true—who can say? In fact, the preparatory drawing, used for both figures, is of a woman. Michelangelo elided gender in a comparably obsessive way: his heavily muscled female figures—the Libyan Sibyl on the Sistine Ceiling, Night in the Medici Chapel—were clearly modelled on men, as the drawings attest.

Stranger still, there is a resemblance between this St. Evidently, his studio fed an appetite for more than Madonnas. Playful caricature? Hermaphroditic pornography? Isaacson suggests both, but even a thick volume devoted to the drawing, edited by a leading Leonardo expert, Carlo Pedretti, fails to provide any answers. One story has it that the drawing was part of a secret cache of obscene Leonardo material held in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle.

The works were allegedly stolen, in the nineteenth century, prompting not legal prosecution but relief. Tour guide often walked too fast for the group.

Physical requirements were not adequately described for this trip. Some of the seniors of our group found this trip quite challenging, Two of our four accommodations were really shabby. My reaction may be based on my age and the fact that I'm not a 'morning person'. It was stressful to have to make an bus in the mornings to head out. Also, experiencing Italy is very affecting and until I took a personal 'day off' there wasn't time to 'process' the experiences.

One of my best days was spent on my own in Venice walking at my own pace and stopping in shops or for refreshment. Although a seagull did steal my half finished slice of pizza while I walked in St.

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Mark's Sq. Something to warn people about and now, "I have a story to tell". Previously discussed. The most enjoyable trip.

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Our Tour Guide Antonella was terrific. She turned lemons into lemonade, arranging for an evening boat ride to an island that was mostly closed for season and had the restaurant open for us to serve dinner. She showed us places that were a complete surprise and very interesting. Our handsome bus driver Daniele was a marvel, his driving skills are 5 star, very polite in assisting us on and off the bus.

Our traveling companions were entertaining, we all got along very well and had some great memorable times.

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Arriving at the gorgeous Regina Palace in Stresa and meetung our tour guide and traveling companions. Everything we hoped for! Driver and tour guide were exceptional, and the experiences were fun and educational at the same time. Would highly recommend this company, especially small tour groups. Really liked going to the BellaDonna winery, making noodles, meeting the owner, and the meal. I did not like the villa because it was too isolated. I would have liked more time in Venice and less in Tuscany visiting more than one frattoria.

Do to the rains, we were not able to go to Cinque terre. I became ill. None of these were the fault of Collette but made the trip less than stellar. We had a great time. Our tour director Mickey, was perfect.

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