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In this hilarious ice-breaker for conversations about sex, intimacy, and relationships, Sammy Sperm explains the 'ins' and 'outs' of safe sex i. How can I use this format? Log in to rate this item. This Is Who I Am. Back in the day when I was a young girl, They said my teeth should be white as a pearl. They said I needed makeup to be glam, But now I know that this is who I am. In middle school, they said I was too fat,. Yellow Balloons. On the last week of third grade, All of what we knew came to fade. Our blue sky had turned to gray. We were told that he would never see another day.

As a Day Goes By. In the morning, I wake up and all these problems come about All of these problems cause me to act out Parents, parents, parents, what a pain. Not a Child. I'm not a child anymore I can comb my hair and dress myself, I couldn't do that before. I'm not a child anymore, I stand tall and I speak up, I've grown inside a lot more. I'm not a child anymore,.

The Returning. A new place to achieve my ambition A new place to explore ny future Though I am risking with this transition My anxiety can be cut with knives. I know I am grown when I'm alone. I know I am old when I call the doctor on the phone. I know I am getting up there when my skills start to hone. I know I am aged when money for school is on loan. I know I am ancien. Summer Nights. How I've Changed. In my mind I capture A time when I was less mature. At an age Where I could barely talk on stage. With time, I learned to rhyme. Cheesy, cheesy Pizza. It was just a cheesy, cheesy pizza running down the street Every other pizza laughed because of all her cheese No one realized that cheesy, cheesy pizza was the one to be eaten first.

Her Shifted World.

Liberal (abundant, book-focused, free-thinking) Artist

A bright world which was her own, That is what she knew. Once it changed, She realized she did too.

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Toys and games,. Not a Kid Anymore. The Age of Innocence. No more little playgrounds to play on, I'm a big girl now, At the crack of dawn, I'm up and learning who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Liberal (abundant, book-focused, free-thinking) Artist

No more silly jokes for me,. Fake to real I had no choice. It was stand still or project my voice. Innocent to vulnerable with decisions choose wisely or be judged. Judged on everything so choose your heart don't hold a grudge. When, the autumn leaves lost their red, i spent more moments living inside my head, i learned to appreciate my bed, i knew i wasn't the same as i was. When, i noticed the injustice,. On the radio I hailed,. Growing Up Fast. Black Girl Magic. Chivalry is Not Dead. Choose to grow within the treacheous weather. Choose to bloom throughout the rain and grab a sweater. I cannot lie, it won't be easy.

But choose to be the purple flower, not the puny seedling. I Am Not Yours to Keep. Is my soul not enough for you to keep. The Exact Surrender to a Teacher. Two voices one song.

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Why can't you see? There was a time when I was so quiet The silence it came from the fear of a riot Occuring so fast and caused by my blast Of words I couldn't contain For if they remained Inside me the same.

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Drag Queen. My First Job. Bees are like kamikazes and.

Smart and Beautiful. Young and free Happy as can be Drawing on walls And playing with dolls Grow a little older Things are colder Getting called names Can't play some games Because your ugly and stupid. Coming Home.