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And they saw that. And I got the part. I called my mother. I was there maybe two weeks. To this day I know that anything can happen.

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Apparently they had been looking all over the place for a Midwestern girl. And I fit the bill! They wanted me to be a kid and then as my hair grew out I was going to become more and more evil. You look beautiful. Your only friend in the world some days is going to be that red light going on.

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  5. Let that be your friend. I had to learn how to do that.


    I was expected to have all the chops that anybody else would have going in there. Yup, Norman Lear originally really wanted to air the show in only black and white. However CBS refused and so, Lear actually had the set furnished in only neutral tones. Everything seemed quite devoid of color. Even the costume designer Rita Riggs said that Lear wanted sepia tones so that viewers felt like they were looking at a family album.

    Well first of all All in the Family was the first program to air such nudity. Who you may be wondering?

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    Oh that would be Joey Stivic, the three week baby. Seven different television shows all stemmed from All in the Family over 15 years. Later when Reiner told the story to Norman Lear, he thought it was hilarious and even added it as a scene in the show. Sherman Hemsley was stuck working on another production. Instead of re-casting the role, Norman Lear held on and waited for Hemsley to return. Stapleton wanted to carry on doing All in the Family! However Lear chose to do a multiple-camera format with tape in front of a live audience.

    Remember the previous fact about tape? Yeah, All in the Family were the first to do so! This took everyone back to early live television and often, the show gets compared to that of The Honeymooners. In , CBS cut episodes of the show by three whole minutes so they could play more commercials. However Ball was not a fan of All in the Family whatsoever. With that, she gave it her all in the audition and landed the part. The Future Mrs. Reiner Almost Played Mrs. Remember how we said the network thought they would get a ton of backlash over the language on the show?

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    Yeah so while that never happened, they did however get tons of calls over one very, very important question. That was the right decision in the end! At that time, All in the Family was one of the first to talk about many controversial issues that no one in U. Once Sally Struthers had sued the producers, they actually added a provision in her contract that prevented her from appearing as her All in the Family character anywhere on or off television other than the show itself.

    Her character had a stroke and died off-camera.

    When the show approached the end, Norman Lear spoke with Jean Stapleton who was tired of her role as Edith Bunker about how to respectfully kill Edith off. Lear originally planned to end the show after season 8 and the episode known as All in the Family: The Stivics Go West would be the finale. Heck there was even a goodbye party after that, complete with a People Magazine cover to commemorate the finale. Some boycotts and contract holdouts even took place because of it. You are no stranger to the benefits of aerobic exercise.

    Norman Lear Looks Back at a Lifetime of TV

    It can improve your mood, immune system, and make you look great! Recent studies have indicated…. While he usually makes headlines for his…. Based On British TV. An Iconic Kissing Sequence.

    All in the Family Cast and Facts - Things You Need to Know

    Three Minutes. Nope Nope Nope. Whose Line Is It Anyway.