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The Legend Reborn was intended to be the start of a trilogy of films, but production on the sequels was cancelled due to Lego discontinuing the release of Bionicle toys in The story was concluded through other media outlets, including comic books and a web story titled the "Mata Nui Saga". Teridax took over his gigantic robot body just after Mata Nui's reawakening and trapped the latter's spirit inside the legendary Kanohi Mask of Life.

Teridax then banished the mask into orbit, in order to prevent Mata Nui from interfering with his takeover of the Matoran Universe. The mask crash lands on a planet called Bara Magna, a remote, decaying wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals. He picks up the Scarabax, who touches his mask.

Upon doing so, the beetle changes into a living weapon. Just then, a being called a Vorox attacks Mata Nui and after a struggle, flees without its stinger, which has broken off.

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Mata Nui picks up the stinger as a vehicle carrying a villager named Metus David Leisure speeds towards him. Local villages scavenge for what remains, building shelters, survival gear and ultimately arenas where they can settle their disputes. Putting the best Glatorian from each village against one another, tribes can quickly end quarrels based on the outcome of the fight. Strakk eventually falls in battle, but gets up and illegally fells Ackar after conceding. Mata Nui intervenes and gets beaten down by the angry Strakk. As Mata Nui tries to use the stinger to defend himself, the mask transforms it into a sword.

Mata Nui quickly defeats Strakk and forces him to audibly concede , gaining Ackar as a friend in the process. Metus later attempts to recruit Mata Nui, who refuses.

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In exchange for showing the two Glatorians a secret cavern underneath Tajun, Kiina would like to leave Bara Magna with Mata Nui, believing that anywhere is better than her native planet. On their way to Tajun, the three Glatorians are ambushed by a Skopio beast in Sandray Canyon, along with a group of Bone Hunters, who were told the Glatorians' location by an Agori traitor.

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After trapping both beneath a rockslide, they discover that Tajun had been raided by the combined efforts of the Bone Hunters and the formidable Skrall army even though both are rival tribes. A Glatorian rookie, Gresh Mark Famiglietti , had been trying to defend the village and was badly injured. While Berix tends to Gresh, the other three discover a hidden chamber containing a picture of the robot that was once Mata Nui's body.

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As the Glatorians leave, Gresh complains about his weapon being damaged, then Ackar wonders if what Mata Nui did with Click the beetle Mata Nui befriended and the Vorox tail would work with the Glatorian weapons. In addition, these weapons grant the Glatorians elemental abilities of fire, water, and air for Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh, respectively. The three practice their newfound powers as they travel to Gresh's village, Tesara, while Ackar teaches Mata Nui to stay alert in battle and to study and find his opponent's weakness.

Mata Nui proves his worth to the crowd by transforming Tarix's and Vastus' weapons. In the hot springs not far from Tesara, Kiina follows a mysterious figure. It turns out to be Berix, and Kiina is now convinced that he is the traitor. However, the actual traitor appears from the shadows to correct Kiina, and he and his Bone Hunters proceed to capture the two Water Villagers. Mata Nui ignores Ackar's and Gresh's offers for assistance and sets off for the Skrall camp in Roxtus on his own.

Kiina and Berix are held in a suspended cage near the mouth of a cave at Roxtus, both arguing about the former's caverns. Mata Nui confronts Tuma, the Skrall leader and challenges him to a one-on-one fight, and eventually defeats him by exploiting a vulnerable spot in Tuma's back. As he claims Tuma's shield in victory and demands the freedom of Kiina and Berix, the traitor, now revealed to be Metus, appears.

He explains how he got the nomads and the Skrall to unite, and that now they will work for him, since he felt the Agori never gave him any respect, and he states that he will have taken over Bara Magna before the Glatorians realize it. Now in control of the army, he orders the Skrall and Bone Hunters to kill off the three of them. View More.

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