Manual Knit a Scots Bonnet (Historic Hats)

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Actual band is approx Fit: This hat band is firm and minimally elastic. It may fit snug at first, but assured, it will stretch to fit, and as long as the hat is washed properly per yarn instruction to not shrink, should fit nicely. All hats are shipped with detailed care instructions so you bonnet will ease with wear to a beautiful personal fit that just gets better with age and can be enjoyed for years.

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The Hunt Capelet. Since its inception in this little festival has blossomed into one of the most delightful four days anyone could experience each April in an old and beautiful part of Canberra, the Federal capital of Australia. December 20, Millinery Classes - learn to block a hat, make a buckram bonnet and knit a Scottish Tam!

Most students should produce two hats during the course, depending on the chosen design and materials. Please leave time to do homework in the evenings.

Blue bonnet (hat)

Students will be using professional hat blocks during this course and supplied with information booklets with supplier and material information. Places are limited to 6 - only when your registration is paid will your place be held. Apron to cover chest and thighs. Household pins 26 x 0.

Other useful items you may wish to bring include:. Only 2 places left - only when your registration is paid will your place be held.

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