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Results 1 - 7 of 7. Search Within These Results:. Create a Want Tell us what you're looking for and once a match is found, we'll inform you by e-mail. Create a Want BookSleuth Can't remember the title or the author of a book? You are a very eloquent writer. Her friends who were forbidden to read it, got it from the library at school and hid it from their parents. By the time she was 13 I told her she could read the first two, but I also wanted her to listen to why I thought they were a waste of time and inappropriate, I had read the series.

I went over most of the topics you covered in this post. We had many discussions about the books. I did ask her not to read the fourth book and told her the story in a nutshell so that she knew how it ended. Parenting is difficult. Best wishes as you start your journey with your daughter. I think this is a great way to do it. Explain your reasoning and then let them make the choice and talk about their decision.

Perfect parenting right there: teaching, letting them choose now that they have knowledge, and then helping them learn from their choice. I totally agree with your views on Twilight! I admit that I was suckered into reading them, and while I did find them enjoyable at first, I soon realized that they had a miserable moral standpoint and were just terribly written. You mentioned in the letter about having a favorite vampire novel. Lilith, I think you called it? Im so glad I found this blog!!! Thanks, Melyn! I am going to share it with my daughter….

I never read the books. Thank you for allowing me not to waste my time. So glad my post spared you the loss of several good hours! Now if I could just get them back…:. There is so very much I agree with in your above post. Having read the Twilight series more for professional reasons rather than personal ones, it is a hot damn mess. I will admit that I actually enjoyed the first novel in the series but each one was progressively worse than its predecessor. The writing is tragic. The themes are misguided. And while there were many possible chances for Meyer to right her ship she played straight into the cliche.

From one self-proclaimed book snob to another, I get it. However, there are times when some quick, mindless dreck is needed to cleanse the palate… to cure a book hangover what I like to call the effect after reading something truly amazing that nothing feels like it can live up to its amazingness in order to move a reader to the next great find.

My mother is the ultimate book snob but she did me THE ultimate service of allowing me to make my own choices in literature. We discussed it all. Nothing was off the table. Like you, I approached motherhood with a fierce goal of only offering my girl the best of what is available… PBS and organic veggies! And all this works for awhile until free will sets in. The best we can do is keep open dialogue with our children to discuss everything they are reading and watching.

October 7, 12222

I want my girl to read all the best stuff but if there is some fluff or dreck along the way, eh, so be it. Reading is never a waste of time. Good or bad, those of us who have been taught not just to read but to think critically, will always find a lesson. I feel strongly that books like Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray are gateway drugs to harder literature.

The only thing that I would and perhaps will do when that day comes is let my daughter read it and come to the same conclusion. That, and it will be a chance to teach her to watch out if she does have a boyfriend who is controlling who her friends are and when to hang out with them.

I actually liked it. And as far as Mrs. I applaud your sense of style and ethics-I am a Catholic-loving Protestant. However, I am perplexed as to why you find it okay to treat Twilight as though it were an illegal drug. In banning it, you know you will only make it more attractive. You are wrong in this, plain and simple…let them read it, view it, sit beside them and explain why it is what you think it is but let them decide….

I eventually got to both of these, and decided she was completely right! I finally got to them in my mids, when I was old enough to handle the content. Though I still needed a shower after reading V. Meyers, nor do I plan to spend the time to do so — reviews like this are quite enough! I really enjoyed your post. Kudos to you. There is nothing more wrong with leaving Twilight out of her literary diet than leaving junk out of her diet or horror flicks out of her movie collection.

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Also, kudos on calling a spade a spade. People are way to PC anymore. Critics have jobs for a reason, and I find your criticism helpful! I did not read the Twilight books. I did watch it with my daughter, although I majorly censored it, and I was appalled at the nonsensical sexual situations. Another family member started the movie for my daughter and her to watch together, and thank God I decided to check up on her. She, like her mom, hates movies made from books. I love that she loves to read, and I love even more that she decided on her own that Twilight is not her taste, even when all her friends are reading it.

I was not sure whether or not I would let her read it, but after recognizing what you have pointed out here, I am sure. She will NOT be watching the other movies. As far as letting children make up their own minds about things, I will not be letting her make up her own mind about drugs as long as that is my decision.

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I also will not be letting her make up her own mind about poisoning it with written crap as long as that is my decision. She can decide what color jeans to wear with what shoes and what earrings. Some decisions are theirs, and others are ours. Here here! Thanks, Tiffany. I think you gave some really great reasons to not read it. I read them when I was 12 and luckily, I realized how awful they were. I read all the way through the series, and I understand the stylist and romantic failings that plague it. As a writer myself, I can understand the outrage. But I absolutely abhor this letter- let me explain why.

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You should say all this to your daughter, no doubt, you should tell her how you feel honestly and thoroughly about big and little things, and this is no exception. It goes against everything I believe in, as someone who supports creativity, intelligence, and the encouragement of learning in a family. Keeping your children from things that can pose a danger to them is a parental responsibility. When I was about 12, my mother forbid me from reading a book for very good reasons: it features a violent rape, as well as a lot of other mature subjects that she felt were inappropriate.

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I was a bookworm and had long since surpassed my grade level when it came to reading, and I read practically every book I could get my hands on. The minute she told me she would not let me read it, that book became the only thing I wanted to read.