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K okabel Kawkabel - Taught the science of the constellation.

Earth Angels, Lightworkers, Watchers

P enemue - Instructed mankind in writing "and thereby, many sinned from eternity to eternity and until this day. For man was not created for such a purpose. S ariel - Taught men the course of the moon. S emjaza - Taught men enchantments, roots cutting, etc. S hamshiel - Taught men the sign of the sun. Know the history of the Watchers and Watchtowers and why they are called upon in circle. If you don't know their purpose, why call? Early History. They are considered an old race who have gone past the need for physical bodies.

Some claim they are light. There are legends that say they came from the stars.

incarnated elementals 🌿

They are the ones known as the Watchers. It is claimed that each of the four Watchers reigns over one of the four directions of the circle. There were star cults in Mesopotamia around bce. One of the beliefs of these cults was that there were four major stars, each ruling over one of the four cardinal points. These stars where known as "Lords" or "Watchers. The Watcher of the East was the star Aldebaran. This star marked the time of the Vernal Equinox.

Actual towers, called Ziggurats cosmic mountains were built as a form of worship.

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Each tower bore the symbols of the Watchers. During ritual celebrations the symbols were traced in the air with torch flames or wands, and the Watchers names were called. The Watchers were thought of as gods that guarded the heavens and earth. Lunar and Solar cults eventually replaced the Star cults. The Watchers became the gods of the four winds to the Greeks. The Christians took them over as "guardian angels.

The Hebrews taught that all angels, known to them as Watchers, were ruled by four "higher" angels. They became the "Archangels" to the Cabalists. It is said Edward Kelly was a seer and alchemist, and John Dee was a sage. Kelly "received messages" from a group of beings of the spirit who claimed they were the same who had instructed Enoch.

As Kelly received these messages, Dee wrote them down. His writings now compose the magickal system known as Enochian Magic. It is a system of angel magic influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs. The doctrine of Enoch is mathematical. According to Dee and Kelly, there are 49 tables of large number and letter squares. There are 48 Gates of Understanding, one gate can not be opened.

The 49 tables has 49 rows by 49 columns. The directions of the angels, known as the Enochian Keys, were extracted from these charts. There are 48 "Calls" or "Keys" that open the gates of these "astral residences. It is divided into four parts by a large cross, called "The Black Cross" by Dee. These four quadrants are called the Watchtowers.

You are able to access 12 astral cities through each Watchtower.

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The Watchers are the angels who live in these astral cities. In order for the angels to leave their cities and enter human consciousness the gates to the Watchtowers must be opened.

Each city is represented in the table by a set of letters in numerical and geometric pattern. The four Watchtowers guard the 4 extremities of the universe. These Watchtowers are said to have been formed at the time Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. The Watchtowers contain all human knowledge and command the elemental spirits. They are said to also have the power of the transformation of things. They hold the secrets to all of mankind. The Modern use of Watchtower Elementals is said to be derived from the works of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly.

Real Earth Angels

It is also said that Aleister Crowley introduced Gerald Gardner to the Elementals see below , who then wrote them into his own work. Many Wicca systems have their own versions of the Watchtowers and Watchers. Some see the Watchers as demi-gods, spiritual teachers, cosmic intelligence or beings composed of light. In some eclectic solitary systems, they may not be used at all. These Elements are said to be populated by Elementals, a type of spiritual creature.

They are the givers of stability and material gain. They also protect circles cast outdoors. Sylphs are of the Air and are seen as fairies or white light. They hold the keys to knowledge, dreams and wishes, and are protectors of magickal applications. The salamanders inhabit the Element of Fire and may be seen as dragons or lizards. They are protectors of the home or business.

Undines, the Elementals of Water, may be "merpeople", sirens, or pink light. Undines are protectors of the gates of death and karma. It is taught in some systems of magick that there are two sets of portals in a magick circle. Recent Post by Page. If every perception of misfortune was interpreted and honored as a t See More. It shares its fears because you are its liberator.

Lightworkers & Incarnated Angels

You are the light of consciousness; an individual expression of Source, only unavailable to help it lovingly let go, when imagining its fears and concerns are somehow yours. Life is always a play of decisions. While there are always decisions to be made, no such fear, worry, or concern is necessary to choose what is of your highest evolution to follow. As you awaken, you will come to see, you were never actually worried, afraid, or concerned about anything. In order to let go, the ego needs your love. This is why we love whatever arises.

Only then will you come to know how everything is here to help you. Abiding in love has nothing to do with staying or leaving. It is the Abiding in love does not wait for permission and is able to communicate its desires openly. It moves by the flow of heart-centered inspiration that always conveys truth from the peaceful resolve of unwavering strength and unlimited compassion.

Abiding love needs no one to be and can equally create relationships of connection with those of varying levels of consciousness. It will not tolerate abuse, neglect, or mistreatment, while honoring the journey of others, however it unfolds.

Are you an Earthangel, a Starseed or a Lightworker?

Abiding love is the operating vibration of universal creation. It is the force through which everything comes and goes just for the chance to grow and evolve in the dream of time. Alternatively, it could be a loving message to us that our Angels are with us during a period of time when we have to make a difficult choice between 2 options. Earth Angels are often very sensitive, and they know we have taken on a difficult assignment by choosing to live on the Earth plane.