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I just like my coffee black. French roast.

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Oh well! I gave up milk when 2 converging events forced me to — the first, stolen milk from the common dorm fridge, and second, the inability to afford quart upon quart for everyone of the 48 women on my floor!

Coffee Cream | Definition of Coffee Cream by Merriam-Webster

Coffee-producing countries all over the world have been adding cream to coffee for centuries. And the European nations that traditionally held colonies in these countries drink their coffee largely with cream. Have a cortado in Spain, a pringado in Portugal, a noisette in France, or a macchiato in Italy.

Then have an american coffee, straight, then tell me which is more complex and delicious. They are certainly different, but I would not say the former are sacrilegious and the latter better. And yes, I take milk, and sugar, in my coffee. Tastes differ. Have another cup! If the occasional cup requires cream then go ahead and enjoy it.

The war of words rages on…. The Europeans have perfect cafe au lait. Never has coffee tasted better to me than when served with a small, hot pitcher of whole milk. Such two elements were destined for one another. Coffee without Cream and Sugar, why bother! I hqve been drinking coffee since I was four years old-albeit with a lot of milk back then-so I know from whence I speak.


Of course it makes sense to leave microlot coffee unadulterated, but often i find pure black coffee too acidic for my stomach to take. I find milk or cream an essential addition to counter this. Is the acidity a tell tale sign of a poorly brewed cup, or is this a natural occurrence? I hate to think I am ruining a complex cup, but my stomach simply cannot take it! Bernard comes from an affluent middle-class family while Jean works at the local post office; they intend to be married within a matter of months, much to the annoyance of Bernard's domineering mother.

During their stay the couple make the acquaintance of the resident dance band singer Jack Butcher, who takes a particular liking to Jean. When Bernard receives word that his father has died he returns home immediately to be at his mother's side, leaving Jean alone at the hotel.

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Hurt by Bernard's abandonment, Jean goes to console herself in the ballroom, where she is approached by Butcher who plies her with alcohol before taking her back to her room, where the two have sex. Despite Bernard's mother's objections to her son marrying a shop girl, Bernard returns to the hotel and marries Jean soon after.

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In the summer of , the elderly Bernard and Jean return to the hotel to rekindle the spark in their marriage. Bernard's earlier class-driven condescension towards Jean has turned to cruelty, constantly examining and cross-examining every comment she makes; Jean's earlier naivety and impetuousness have transformed into resignation and tolerance, despite her husband's maliciousness.

The hotel has also changed since the couple last stayed there: the orchestra who once played to the residents as they took their afternoon tea has been replaced by a man on an electronic keyboard, and the ballroom holds discos rather than dances.

Bernard and Jean spend much of their holiday arguing, usually as a result of Bernard's imagined slights from his wife. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Howlin' Wolf. Nobody Knows Me Lyle Lovett. Anytime Robert Cray. Commit a Crime The Rolling Stones. Tombstone, Baby Peaches. Stories Gary Numan.

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