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Luckily, James found him a job as a computer analyst at UPS. So Sonny went to New York he got the job and a house for his wife and family but when his wife Jessica sends his stuff early he's perplexed that it's just his stuff. After Sonny gets over the fact Jessica abandoned him he quickly reunites with his high school girlfriend Tiffany. But as their relationship progresses Tiffany suspects he's delusional and obsessed.

I couldn't put this book down I liked the plot and how each character had something to do with the other. I was definitely surprised by how quick of a read it is i usually don't read these type of genres. The dialogue between the characters is very explicit it seemed so real. I didn't like the transitioning of time in this book it was hard to keep track. For example a situation with Brent happened that affected his relationship to Sonny. Brent asked James to spy on Sonny but as I read through James chapter it never indicated until later in the chapter that he spied on him more than once.

So the timing was a little late but that didn't prevent me from putting it down. Overall the books plot was great.

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Besides the bad transitioning the characters, setting its all coherent. I would recommend this book to anybody who's into the drama, romance, and comedy. I highly recommend this book. Carl W. Has done it again I liked this one just as much as I liked lookin for luv and baby mama drama certain books of his really pull me in. Brent and Sonny seemed so secretive James Sr.

I didn't really find any likeable characters besides Allison she was insecure but still a good woman whom deserved better.

'The Walking Dead' Just Killed Its Biggest Character Yet For The Worst Reason Possible

She should've just took Her ex husband to court so she could support herself and her kids instead of depending on a stranger she barely knew. Shelves: b-urban-fiction.

I honestly was expecting Weber's books to be a little more romance oriented than I like so, even though I've picked a few up over the years, I hadn't actually read any of them This is officially one of my favorite books. And this is one of those books you can't streamline into one genre. Almost any fiction lover would like or love this book - not just urban fiction readers. I actually I can't believe I'm admitting this talked out loud to myself while reading this I was flipping back through the book determined to dispute it and Weber's next sentence had me laughing my ass off! Sonny's character?

Oh my. So many surprises and twists. Only an author with so much behind him, talent-wise, could pull this off. I'm so happy one of the one-hit wonder authors didn't try this - thankfully Weber did it first - and did it WELL. View all 4 comments. This book definitely has drama, and makes you wonder if men are truly this weak with temptation instead of resisting; even the church boy gives in too after marrying a girl that he convinced himself he was attracted to she even asks before the day of their marriage, if he was truly attracted to a lb dark skinned girl that only good quality is that she is a church girl.

However, I definitely easily connected to the characters and could not put the book down. Leisure read from B Library. Read again in August to September Now borrowing an audiobook copy from the Sac Public Library, and the actors are fabulous, which would make it a 5 star rating this round.

View 2 comments. Dec 17, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: r-i-s-e-book-club. I honestly expected NOT to like this book, but I have to honestly admit I had a hard time putting it down. The plot was really engaging and the characters were believable. There are three very different friends who experience three very different hardships in three VERY different relationships.

All of which could probably happen to a man that you or I know. As they go through I honestly expected NOT to like this book, but I have to honestly admit I had a hard time putting it down. As they go through these problems, sometimes I felt each of their pain, sometime's I felt their woman's pain, and sometimes I just didn't know WHAT to think.

I would recommend this book to someone looking for an entertaining read that manages to make you think a little. Jun 12, Belinda rated it really liked it Recommended to Belinda by: My sister-in-law. Shelves: african-american. While reading this book, I found myself more drawn into a certain character's story over another's; and wanted to skip to the next chapter involving that character Although, I never did.


When I finished the book I felt that the entire book was entertaining and funny. This is a book you have to read!!! Follow me on Twitter. Check out all my interviews and trailers on. Sep 04, Rnd rated it liked it. When I first read it, I thought it would be typical. Once I got to the end, wow. So many twists and turns, right up til the last page!

Mar 09, Barbara Young rated it really liked it. At first it was moving kind of slow- It was about these three friends named James, Sonny and Brent. James was married to Cathy and had two boys, but while James was driving for UPS he met Michelle while they was separated. But when James and Cathy decided to work out there issues and get back together Michelle ended up calling him and he didn't want to talk to her so she told him he had a son.

In ordered to keep Michelle from telling his wife he agreed to babysit so she could work but he ended up At first it was moving kind of slow- It was about these three friends named James, Sonny and Brent. In ordered to keep Michelle from telling his wife he agreed to babysit so she could work but he ended up babysitting all the time. So he told her he could babysit for her because he was going to the game and by the time he made it home Michelle had dropped off his son with a suitcase to his wife. Sonny left town to go back home to apply for a job with UPS as a truck driver but he got an offer for a computer analyst job.

So he told his wife Jessica it would take about two weeks to find a house and start packing up every thing so they could move when he gets back. But the day he was getting ready to get on the plane he kept calling her but the phone was disconnected. And then he had a delivery and he thought it was one package but she had packed up all his things and sent to him when he found a house. She disappeared and he didn't know where she was. But Brent was every woman dream, but he didn't want anything to do with them because of Allison who weigh pounds, and women couldn't understand while he was interested in her.

But he ended up marrying her but he was still in love with Jackie. One day she came home and found the two of them together and she told him Jackie used to be a man and that her unborn baby was better off dead than with him as a father. But the of this book went out with a bang!!!! Feb 27, Susan rated it did not like it Shelves: audio-book , library-check-outs , contemporary-fiction , culture-and-diversity. It probably would have been two stars until the end, which was a giant WTF for me.

Reading the back of the book, I thought this was going to be about three friends challenging and helping one another to be better, and I thought it might be something of a redemption story. But the friendship between the men wa It probably would have been two stars until the end, which was a giant WTF for me.

But the friendship between the men was almost peripheral to their individual stories. Well over half the book is devoted to detailing how each of them either get into a mess or dig themselves into a worse mess than they were previously in. I found this excruciating. Houseguests kept me from playing it at home.

The First Lady by Carl Weber

I took a break and listened to another book, during which it occurred to me that I might not miss much if I just skipped ahead to disc six. I was right. The author made some interesting choices with at least two of the three major plot lines so that the reader is surprised possibly by certain revelations. I hated the decisions these characters made. I hated the decision the author made about which way to take a storyline involving a character in a marginalized population Awesome Book!

Need to be a movie!!

Aug 08, Mya rated it really liked it. I actually enjoyed a book based on plus size the plot was different I liked it.

The Macabre True Story of Carl Tanzler and His Corpse Bride

Mar 05, Rhoda Dede rated it really liked it. This book was amazing. It took me forever to find it but when I did, I couldn't put it down. The story focuses on the women of BGBC and their relationships.

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Tammy and her husband Tim. Nikki and Tiny. Coco and her numerous amount of men then later Mac. Isis with Tony and Egypt with Rashad.