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This time around, she refuses to be the victim. As her life spirals ever more out of her control, the only motivation that keeps her going is the thought of revenge upon those who killed her and her unb A Second Chance at Life is a time travel fantasy romance. As her life spirals ever more out of her control, the only motivation that keeps her going is the thought of revenge upon those who killed her and her unborn child. But in the process, has she doomed herself to a life without love yet again?

I would first like to state that I received an ARC for honest review. This book was full of intrigue and the twists and turns almost gave me whiplash. While having mature themes within the story, I think it was very well done.

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It kept me guessing and wanting more. The characters were well written and believable, the pace steady, the foreshadowing subtle but good, and the plot was top notch. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and would definitely recommend to fans of the genre. Sep 19, Coral rated it liked it. There's so much potential to the story that I wished it got polished. Feb 10, Faith Rivens rated it liked it Shelves: books-of Thank you NetGalley for granting me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

It's always hard to leave a review for a book that left me dissatisfied, so I'd like to preempt this one by saying that my opinion is only my own.

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Just because it wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean it won't be yours. There was a lot of potential to this story. A great premise about a woman given a second chance at life. A little bit of fantasy. A little bit of romance. A little bit of time travel. But all of these ele Thank you NetGalley for granting me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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But all of these elements never really added up and at the end of it, it was a very furstrating book. I've seen that a lot of people have responded positively to it and I believe that it is probably because of the romantic aspect. But what fell short for me was the worldbuilding and the writing. Both were unbalanced with some great moments and some not so great ones. The characters were also a tad annoying and never seemed to develop. I couldn't find myself rooting for anyone. A disappointing read for me, but I must commend Kassandra Lynn for putting her story out into the world.

It's never an easy thing and seeing that others enjoy it is a sure sign that there is worth to it. Feb 02, Lene Blackthorn rated it it was amazing.

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A thrilling adventure that will pull you in during first sentences and refuses you to let go until you finish it. Elainas beloved betrayed her the worst way possible. When losing her life to the fire, she swears revenge and begs for rescue, when suddenly she wakes up on a particular day two years ago. Being given a second chance at life, she promises to change her destiny and make the right choices - which is not always easy, and there are certain events she cannot avoid.

But her actions are wis A thrilling adventure that will pull you in during first sentences and refuses you to let go until you finish it.

But her actions are wiser and less naive this time, and her determination and hunger for justice may bring her the peace she deserves in the end. But if she aims to succeed, she must fight hard I am so delighted I was given the chance to read this awesome story! I became attached to the enchanting world and interesting characters from the very beginning. The book was fast-paced, quickly developing, with many surprising twists and crushed hopes when you wished for better.

All the characters are complex, unique, well-built and developing, acting believably out of beliefs and passions. I pitied Elaina almost the whole time for the cruel fate she had to face, and adored Evan for his faith in her and his protectiveness.

A Second Chance at Life

I received a free copy of this book and chose to review it voluntarily. This is a must-read! Mar 05, Lisa fletcher rated it it was amazing. Feb 16, Les Romantiques rated it liked it. She takes advantage of this stroke of luck to try and change her future, strong with the experience lived previously, but fate seems to conspire against her. Secondly the society where the story takes place is not really explained, we discover things as we read and that can be disconcerting.

Gradually she sees details that went unnoticed the first time, but there are some changes that have her wondering and the reader too. There are also the moments when Elaina tries to change the future, for example by trying to protect her little brother who should be seriously hurt in a riot, or by trying to drive away her half-sister in order to simplify her own life.

I found a lot of positive elements in this story, like the very promising beginning, the hint of romance for which we wonder if it will come to a successful conclusion, the plot with the half-sister. And of course the style which IMO do a disservice to the story.

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However I had a good reading time, hence my rating. Jun 11, Piseog rated it liked it. I loved the storyline in this book. It had so much potential, but could have been written so much better. I was disappointed at the weak writing. To bring this book to a different level it would have been more impactful to have Elaina be more a sympathetic character. She is put through so much, two years of abuse and an awful end but you wouldn't really think it from the way she acts. And then the way she treats her maid.

Not very endearing behaviour. The actual story-tellying was unclear too. H I loved the storyline in this book. Halfway through the book we have Elaina suddenly referencing these big events that happened before the jump back in time. It didn't make sense to just bring up these political events without more backstory to them or else we should have witnessed them firsthand. I think we needed to experience Elaina's first life so we could understand the specific things she tries to change second time round, or else we could have had the beginning we got i.

We got a weird mish-mash of the two. I thought her sister was one of the most horrid and evil characters I ever read. She made me so angry! I needed her to get the satisfying end she deserved and she really didn't. Elaina was too passive trying to get her revenge. Her despicable husband rapes her and it's never mentioned again. She actually considers that he is a good man at one point. Alot of awful things happen in this book to women and it is never acknowledged.

At one point we learn that if Elaina was kidnapped and raped by a burglar she would have to marry that man and bring shame to her family. And that is never really discussed any further. I think the author needed to delve deeper in the atrocities in this book, but it was all as passive as Elaina.

There were little things that bugged me too. When Elaina has to go with her husband she refuses to bring her maid, in order to protect her. But then it's like she forgot she said that because her maid is constantly with her and it's never mentioned again. Similarly, Elaina comes to a realisation that if she divorces her husband she would be free, scandal be damned. Then that's also later forgotten.

So little things like that just shows the lazy writing. It's such a pity, because at the core I really liked this book. The we got that really quick ending and epilogue, and I was shocked.

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I was expecting this to continue into another book, but it's going to be one of those series I hate with a different protagonist in every book. Aug 25, Mindy rated it liked it. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an review.